PlayStation Vita Slim Makes a Reentry

PlayStation Vita Slim Makes a Reentry

In a world where gamers have got such exciting gaming consoles and tablets to play the latest video games, Sony has introduced a new avatar of its handheld gaming console PlayStation Vita Slim. This is an upgrade of the original Sony Vita that was launched two years ago. The new handheld gaming machine is obviously slimmer and lighter than the original Vita. Officially labeled as Vita PCH-2000, this is probably an attempt by Sony to piggy ride the successful launch of its next gen gaming console PS 4. However, there are many changes introduced in this handheld machine besides modifications in the form factor. While there were edges in the earlier Vita, the gaming machine has a much smoother and rounded shape to give a comfortable feeling to the gamer while holding it.

Thinner and lighter Vita for the gamers

As the name suggests, the new Vita slim is around 3mm thinner than the earlier version and it is also 42g lighter than the original Vita. Though these figures in themselves do not mean much, the new Vita Slim is quite attractive and much more manageable than its earlier avatar. The material used for making Vita Slim gives a plastic feeling while the earlier Vita was metallic. The biggest change or improvement for the gamers though is the provision of micro USB port for the charging of the machine. This is a big relief for the gamers as they are not required to carry charging adaptor along with their handheld gaming machine. With laptops and desktops around at offices and homes, charging Vita Slim has become very easy indeed.

Internal memory increased but not much

PlayStation Vita Slim memory sideVita Slim boasts of 1 GB of internal storage. This is not much though and you will soon need to purchase micro SD cards to increase the memory if you want to store games inside the machine. With many inexpensive smartphones now boasting internal memory to the tune of 8GB and more, it is ridiculous to give1GB of internal storage space, especially when the games of today are so heavy. The screen size is same with 5 inch screen producing a resolution of 960X544pixels and a pixel density of 220ppi. The screen has been changed from OLED to LCD. Though the machine now provides much wider viewer angles and the colors are also vibrant, the OLED screen gave a better user experience. Sony claims to have installed a better battery in Vita Slim that will allow the gamer to play for 6 hours at stretch. The increased battery life is attributed to Sony’s decision to change the OLED screen with an LCD panel that consumes much less power.

The new Vita Slim has been priced at £180 which is around £50 less than the earlier Vita. Vita Slim is a good buy if you do not have the original version. But if you have Vita already, Vita Slim does not prove to be much of an upgrade. For Sony, Vita Slim is at best a replacement of the original Vita.

Grab it while it’s hot.

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